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CC Foundations Guide 5th Edition. . adriennemaria  07/30
Character First Education 1998 edition only. Character Training Institute -Series 1-4 text 7014269835. sdaisyy  10/03
Character Sketches Vol III. By Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts. Case not needed. $20. melindar  09/10
Charlotte Mason Companion. good condition, minor highlights and notes, < $12ppd. kurriculumkorner  09/24
Christian Liberty Press Story of the Middle Ages. . luv_dovey  10/07
Christian Liberty Press A Sure Foundation. . luv_dovey  10/06
Christian Liberty Press Exploring American History. . luv_dovey  10/06
Claritas Cycle 2. 2 Map booklets. mommy4him06  08/24
Classical Academic Press Discovery of Deduction. Teacher's Edition TE TM $9ppd. natalieinindiana  10/01
Classical Conversations Challenge 1 materials. Looking for physical science, logic, debate and expo curr. taboo228  07/25
Compass Classroom. Dave Raymond Moderinty DVD. jezzxlou  09/24
Cornerstone Making Math Meaningful. Manipulatives. jltaber22  07/19
Cottage Press Language Lessons~ Fable and Song. Looking for Teacher and Student Books. farmfreshadventures  08/06
CPO Focus on Earth Science. Student text. sefl1980  09/28
Creation to Christ notebook pages. Heart of Dakota can be slightly used. 12-4him  09/18
Critical Thinking U.S. History Detective Book 1 and 2. . dands  08/06
Crown of Violet, by G. Trease unknown publisher. . heidelise  10/03
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. audio book on cd. dands  08/06
D'Aulaires' Leif the Lucky. . dands  08/06
Daily Grammar Practice, grades 4 & 6-12. Teacher guides, 2nd edition. psalmofpraise  09/28
Daily Grammar Practice, 2-12. Student books, 2nd edition. psalmofpraise  09/28
DanielBoone Season 6 DVD set. Season 6 (also want Davey Crocket DVD). bookbliss  10/03
David Livingstone's autobiography. . xapis10  08/30
Devotional Biology textbook. Publisher-Compass Classroom, interested in related materials. kepoteet  10/02
Dimensions Math KB. . cshelton80  08/26
Discovering design with chemistry by Jay Wile. . craftychristy  07/20
Dolciani Pre-algebra and Algebra. from 1960's with teacher/answer key. xapis10  08/30
Dorling Kindersley DK Smithsonian Handbooks (flex-binding). Herbs, Trees, others...looking to buy in bulk. bookbliss  10/03
Early Times: history books current.. by Wayside Publishing. dands  08/06
Easy Grammar K-6. . cshelton80  08/26
Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 9 Teacher Edition. Totally USED fine. Just need answer key pgs.. griffin929  10/10
Easy Grammar Grade 9 Test Book. Ultimate Series grade 9 test book. spottycat  07/29
Easy Grammar Grade 5. . kstandley  07/13
English Literature CLEP prep book. . ltodjj  09/30
Essentials in Writing 6. workbook and dvds. cbklope  08/15
Essentials in Literature 9 Complete set. . choirmurph  06/29
Essentials in Writing 9 book only. . choirmurph  06/29
Everyday Debate & Discussion by Shelly Johnson. . pattyjohnson  09/24
Exodus: A Commentary for Children, ed2 0972304614. . bookbliss  10/03
Exploring the World Through Cartography. . for_his_glory  08/25
Exploring the World through Cartography. by Marc Hays. dhowell  08/15
FIAR Volume 4. No writing, $35ppd is max budget. kurriculumkorner  09/24
First Form Latin. Clean Student Workbook $9ppd. natalieinindiana  09/16
Five in a Row Vol 1. any edition, $20 ppd max budget, no writing, good condition. kurriculumkorner  10/09
Foundations in Personal Finance High School Ed.. Workbook For Homeschool. bigcow  08/05
From Sea to Shining Sea. Publisher: Catholic Teaching Textbooks; teacher's manual too. kellyhmo  07/02
Galapagos Islands: A Different View. by Georgia Purdom; Hardback ISBN: 9780890517819. bookbliss  10/03
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine. by Jeanne Bendick. 5heartsathome  10/11
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists. . dands  08/06
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers. . dands  08/06
Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally. by Chris Davis. smfmom  10/11
Gileskirk Antiquity DVD set. . reneem  07/05
Gileskirk Modernity DVD set. . reneem  07/05
God's Design for Heaven and Earth. Masterbooks Teacher Guide & Student Text. payson  08/19
God's Timeline: The Big Book of Church History. . kingmama8  07/21
Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire. from the First Century A.D. To the Third by Edward N. Luttwa. xapis10  08/30
Hands On Equations. . xapis10  08/30
Handwriting Without Tears, Printing Power plus, G2. Prefer older eds. with Kickstart Cursive; need 3 copies. psalmofpraise  09/28
Handwriting Without Tears, K5 Student. Letters and Numbers for Me; old eds. ok; need 1 copy. psalmofpraise  09/28
Handwriting Without Tears, My Printing Book, Gr. 1. Need 2 student copies; old editions are fine. psalmofpraise  09/28
Handwriting Without Tears, Cursive Handwriting, G3. Student book; old eds. are ok; need 3 copies. psalmofpraise  09/28
Handwriting Without Tears, Cursive Success, Gr. 4. Student books; old eds. are ok; need 2 copies. psalmofpraise  09/28
Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing - SCM. Simply Charlotte Mason (SCM) by Sonya Shafer. rrichter  06/30
Heart of Dakota US History 1 manual only. . 12-4him  09/18
Hewitt Lightning Literature Grade 3. . sefl1980  09/28
Hewitt One of the Few. Health curriculum for high school girls. segue  09/13
Hey Canada by Vivien Bowers. . drgnfly1999  07/03
High Noon chapter books. lower levels. I have A-2 and B-1 of the Sound Out Series. loveteach4kids  10/02
Holly Webb animal books. I have 9 already, but there are 20 more I need... $2 each. campdigjen  09/29
Homeschool Psych. . saved1112  09/04
Honey for a Teens Heart. . for_his_glory  08/25
Horizons Math Student Workbook Grade 4 Books 1 & 2. I need two sets.. biblethumper815  10/14
I See Sam Phonics Readers. . domestic_engineer  10/06
IEW Student Writing Intensive Level C. . christineb  10/13
IEW High School Essay Intensive. current 2nd edition (2016) only. kaydeeaych  08/29
IEW World History Based Writing Lessons Student Guide. Will pay $15 + ship for unused. If used contact me w/ price. ccope  08/15
IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating. Student book only will pay $15 + shipping. ccope  08/13
IEW Speech Boot Camp. . joyfulchase  08/06
IEW Fables, Myths & Fairy Tales 2nd Edition student bk. 2014 student book. kellyhmo  07/02
IEW Bible Heroes. student workbook, unused, pencil writing or minimal use. hayleyb512  08/29
Introduction to Catholism 2nd edition. student textbook. 10beef  09/07
Jacob's Algebra. By Masterbooks. xapis10  08/30
Jungle Pilot. Nate Saint story by Hitt. xapis10  08/30
Key to Algebra student books. . saved1112  09/04
Key to Geometry, books 1-6. . saved1112  09/04
Klutz Building Cards - Castle. Does NOT need to be complete. Loose cards are fine.. zeruiah47  08/19
Klutz Building Cards - Pirate Ship. Does NOT need to be complete. Loose cards are fine.. zeruiah47  08/19
Language lessons for the well trained mind 3 and 4. . dands  08/06
learn math fast volume 2. volume 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  09/26
Learning Through History Magazine. Ancient China hardcopy no cd-rom. dands  08/06
Life of Fred D & E. . phdmom  07/18
Logic of English. Foundations C & D. czsdmtcdit  07/28
Lost Tools of Writing Student Workbook 4th Ed. Can be completely filled in.. kricau  08/07
Marilyn Howshall Lifestyle of Learning Books. . for_his_glory  08/25
Master Books: Wonders of Creation. Ecology & Cave books / poster included please -as applicable. bookbliss  10/03
Masterbooks Americas Story 2 and 3. . dands  10/01
Masterbooks The Worlds Story 1. . dands  08/31
Math U See Manipulatives Integer Block Set. Demme Learning. allison3  10/14
Math U See Algebra Decimal Insert. Demme Learning. allison3  10/14
Math U See Beta digital code. . schoolrox  08/19
Math-U-See PreCalculus with Trigonometry. Student Workbook. sprinkaan  10/12
Math-U-See Algebra 1 Complete set TM, DVD, student bk & tests. . luv_dovey  10/06
Math-U-See Pre-algebra. . radarboy  09/26
Math-U-See Kindergarten Materials. need blocks, teacher and student books, current, no writing. kurriculumkorner  09/24
Math-U-See Zeta - Student workbook only. . sbee12  09/18
Math-U-See Epsilon Instruction Pack (Teacher Manual and DVD). . abeazley  09/04
Math-U-See Algebra 2. . saved1112  09/04
Math-U-See Geometry. Student consumables. saved1112  09/04
Math-U-See Fraction Overlay Kit (39 pcs). . abeazley  09/04
Math-U-See Integer Block Kit (133 pcs). . abeazley  09/04
Math-U-See Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit (58 pcs). . abeazley  09/04
Math-U-See Spelling You See level A student workbook. . forhisglory  08/03
MCT Practice Town Student Book. Current and clean, please! : ). carrief  08/01
Memoria Press Traditional Logic 1. workbook, test book. 3littlegirlsmama  06/24
Memoria Press Dangerous Journey guide and maybe student. . dands  08/31
Memoria Press Dangerous Journey Teacher Guide. under $8 please. dands  08/31
Memorial Press Traditional Logic 2 II DVDs and boo. . natalieinindiana  09/17
MFW Creation to Greeks Student sheets. . mommy1234  08/29
Mission to Modern marvels student pages. can be used if all pages are there. 12-4him  09/18
Modern American & World History. by Rea Berg, published by Beautiful Feet. domestic_engineer  10/06
MP Iliad DVDs. . mommyjohnston  07/17
MP Odyssey DVDs. . mommyjohnston  07/17
Mr. Wizard's World Vol. 10 DVD. . bookbliss  09/20
Music for Little Mozarts. Workbooks, unused. Alfred.. psalmofpraise  09/28
My Father's Daughter. Author is e.l. konigsburg. rosegreenread  08/27
Mystery of History Vol IV audiobook. . kfruh  07/07

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