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What happens when blind kids are challenged, encouraged, and discipled at summer camp?  What if we view the world's 39 million blind persons, not as an endless pool of need, but a vast reservoir of God-given potential, courage, and resilience?
Resources for the Blind 

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Draw and Write Through History , Grs. K-8 -- $5 ppd. Nice. Invention, Exploration, and War: Book 6, c2011.   ISBN 9780977859757   aelliott2005  12/26
Draw and Write Through History , Grs. K-8 -- $7 ppd. Nice. Invention, Exploration, & War: The 20th Century.   stacyfountain  11/30
Draw N Write Volume 1 and Volume 2 -- $9 ppd. Nice. min wear comb binding 1 p writing on vol 1 by Herzog.   loveteach4kids  01/16
Draw Squad by Mark Kistler , Grs. K-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. Awesome ''learn to draw'' instructions. .   ISBN 0671656945   lakilfian  12/30
Draw the USA -- $15 ppd. Nice. like new.   ISBN 9781492278955   jgq2010  12/18
Draw to Learn Ltrs of Paul Notgrass Co, Grs. K-8 -- $13 ppd. New. Draw to Learn: Ltrs of Paul 150 lessons internalize God's Word.   ISBN 1933410159   veerose  11/29
Draw to Learn Psalms Notgrass Company, Grs. K-8 -- $13 ppd. Nice. 150 biblical lessons, internalize Word while drawing 1pg used.   veerose  11/29
Draw to Learn the Life of Jesus -- $12 ppd. Good. 150 lessons w/Bible study by Notgrass. < 15 pgs marked. .   ISBN 1933410094   susie_r  12/09
Draw Write Now -- $28 ppd. Good. set of 4-books 1, 2, 4, 5 drawing and handwriting!.   dgraber  12/16
Draw Write Now - Book Two 2 -- $7 ppd. Good. Christopher Columbus Autumn harvest weather drawing & handwriti.   natalieinindiana  12/31
Draw Write Now Books 1-6 and 8 , Grs. K-8 -- $37 ppd. Nice. 7 book set with box.   ISBN 9780963930798   aelliott2005  12/26
Draw Write Now, Book 6:Animals/Habitat -- $8 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 0963930761   micjib  01/03
Drawing Made Easy: Dogs & Puppies, Grs. 6-12 -- $5. Nice. 64 p pb Basic theories & techniques-pencil drawing. No writing.   ISBN 1600580270   luke15:10  01/04
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Grs. 9-12 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Excellent drawing course for high school. .   ISBN 9781585429202   [more] hawleykj  01/01
Drawing Success Dvd Course -- $79 ppd. Nice. Jan Bower.10Dvds. Lesson and photo bks.Hard case. Retails$179.   sully  11/30
Drawing with Children -- $12 ppd. Nice. Excellent art lessons - Mona Brooks.   ahaug  12/27
Drawing with Children , Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. Nice. c1996, Mona Brookes, .   ISBN 0874778271   fsmorgan  12/06
Drawing with Children -- $7. Fair. c. 1996 Pages are unmarked. Spine has a crease. .   ISBN 9780874778274   curlygirlmom  01/10
Drawing with Children -- $6 ppd. Nice. Like-new, never used, shelf-wear only.   mnmama  12/18
Drawing with Children - Mona Brookes -- $10 ppd. New. Gr. 1-8; Revised 10th Anniversary Ed; Please see my other items.   ISBN 9780874778274   topnotchbooks  12/31
Drawing with Children -by Mona Brookes -- $10 ppd. Nice. no writing minimal wear revised expanded 10th anniversary ed.   ISBN 9780874778274   loveteach4kids  01/10
Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes, Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. Nice. No marks; Minor cover wear; Please see my other 300+ sale items.   ISBN 9780874778274   topnotchbooks  12/31
Drawing With Children, 10th Anniv ed., Grs. K-12 -- $15 ppd. Nice. GP Putnam's Sons pub, by Mona Brookes, unmarked.   ISBN 0874778271   jrf_det  01/22
Drawing with Children- Rev & Exp -- $10 ppd. Nice. Mona Brooks, used in CC, no writing, may have scattered pencil.   kurriculumkorner  01/02
Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Grs. K-5 -- $20 ppd. Nice. Level 2-3 Student book, a few highlights on one page.   ISBN 0974769517   clmbake  01/04
Drawn Into the Heart of Reading, Grs. K-8 -- $35 ppd. Nice. Multi level reading program. Heart of Dakota.   biblethumper815  12/16
Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Grs. K-8 -- $35 ppd. Nice. Teacher's manual by Heart of Dakota. No torn pages or writing. .   texas_mama  12/10
Drawn into the Heart of Reading Pack -- $27 ppd. Good. Level 2/3 HoD DitHoR Complete 9 books, one for every genre.   [more] natalieinindiana  12/31
Drawn into the Heart of Reading Pack -- $24 ppd. Good. Level 4/5 HoD DitHoR 8 of the 9 books, one for each genre.   [more] natalieinindiana  12/31
Drawn into the Heart of Reading Pack -- $27 ppd. Good. Level 4/5 HoD DitHoR Complete 9 books, one for every genre.   [more] natalieinindiana  12/31
Drive Thru History American Series, Grs. K-12 -- $25 ppd. Nice. 4 DVDs (1 unopened). American History Series.   ISBN 9780740318764   sml1170  12/05
Driver's Ed resources & instruction, Grs. 9-12 -- $14. New. 3 training resources for new drivers, (some work in any state):.   [more] luke15:10  01/04
Driving School CD-ROM -- $5. Nice. Interactive, very good info, 90 min. of video, many activities.   tnmom  01/09
Drummer Hoff - Barbara & Ed Emberley -- $2. Good. Kahbahblooom! Caldecott Medal. 2 available. .   natalieinindiana  12/31
Dry Bones and other fossils , Grs. K-5 -- $8 ppd. New. No marks.   jessiquinha  01/11
Dry Bones and Other Fossils , Grs. K-8 -- $11 ppd. Nice. MAster Book, BY Parkers, hb, no writing, creation science.   kurriculumkorner  01/14
Duncan's War by Douglas Bond -- $7 ppd. Nice. never read minor shelf wear Crown & Covenant Series.   loveteach4kids  01/16
Dust To Glory RC Sproul Set -- $18. Nice. 18 video taped lessons and study guides.   hsyp1  12/28
DVD: Discovering America's Founders, Grs. 6-8 -- $11 ppd. New. Drive thru History, 3 episodes on 1 DVD, new in package.   ISBN 9780740318764   bnbacademy  01/02
Dynamic Christian Living -- $25. Nice. teacher edition.   julier  11/30
Dynamic Literacy Foundations L1 Set, Grs. K-5 -- $38 ppd. Nice. Teacher and Text, minor shelf wear, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  01/14
Dynamic Literacy Foundations L2 Set, Grs. K-8 -- $38 ppd. Nice. Teacher and Text, minor shelf wear, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  01/14
Dynamic Literacy Foundations L2 Wkbk, Grs. K-8 -- $13 ppd. New. unused level 2 Foundations wkbk, .   kurriculumkorner  01/14
Dynamic Literacy-Word Build Elements 1, Grs. 6-12 -- $27 ppd. Good. some white out in beginning, greek/latin roots, spiral, gr5-10.   kurriculumkorner  01/14
Dynamic memory & Study Skills Set, Grs. 9-12 -- $15 ppd. New. By Brad Voeller (Global Learning Strategies) Cds and Book.   [more] parkhillshs  01/25

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