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IDEA Homeschool is the largest and longest running Alaska homeschooling program. We have regional offices located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Soldotna, Wasilla and Juneau. We have more combined Alaska homeschooling experience and more homeschool input (in both creation and implementation) than any other program!

An allotment is money set aside for your childís educational needs. The allotment amount is $1800 for grades K-3, $2000 for grades 4-8, and $2400 for grades 9-12. This money may be spent on a wide range of materials and/or activities as long as they meet your studentís educational needs including computers, tablets and printers at reduced fees.

We believe in choices, visit our website to see what other choices we offer each family.
Created 6/24/2005
Updated 6/29/2017

Address: 670 W. Fireweed Lane. Suite 110
Anchorage, Alaska  99503
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