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What happens when blind disciplemakers are trained and deployed to disciple blind students?  What if we view the world's 39 million blind persons, not as an endless pool of need, but a vast reservoir of God-given potential, courage, and resilience?
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Curriculum for Sale, Bible and spiritual growth

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Polished Cornerstones, new 2nd edition -- $21 ppd. New. Projects for Daughters; Spiral Bound; c2010 Doorposts; 5-Adult.   ISBN 9781891206276   topnotchbooks  01/31
Portraits of Integrity Family Treasury -- $25 ppd. New. Real people(Heroes)who demonstrated Godly character, US History.   ISBN 9780977768585   jdine  02/09
Positive Action Finding God's Promises, Gr. 2 -- $9 ppd. Nice. C1990 Student workbook.   shclory  01/29
Positive Action In Their Sandals set, Grs. 6-8 -- $25 ppd. Nice. c2000.   [more] shclory  01/29
Possessing The Land , Gr. 5 -- $6 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
Possessing The Land , Gr. 5 -- $6 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
Prayer of Jabez for Kids hardcover, Grs. K-8 -- $5 ppd. Nice. almost new condition, mild shelf wear to cover. 89 pp. 2001.   ISBN 9780849979446   susie_r  02/05
Prayer of Jabez, Secrets of the Vine -- $2.
      New. Set of 2 hardcover books by Bruce Wilkinson. .  
      twojugglers  01/06
Praying the Bible for your Children hc -- $7 ppd. Nice. dust jacket, no writing or marks, just shelf wear. David Kopp.   ISBN 1578560098   susie_r  02/05
Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities, Grs. K-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. help to pray effectively for unreached peoples, pb, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Precepts for Kids - Genesis -- $9 ppd. New. Line by Line.   lesliebond  02/03
Proverbs People Book 1 -- $7 ppd. New. Excellent condition. No writing or markings. .   ISBN 0970877080   jesusourking10  01/31
Proverbs: The Fountain of Life , Grs. 6-12 -- $15 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
Prudence and the Millers -- $7 ppd. New. Reader only.   gr8hsbooks  01/29
Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren hc, Grs. 6-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. like new, dust jacket, no writing. use w/My Father's World.   ISBN 0310205719   susie_r  02/05
Purposeful Design by Schabacker -- $8 ppd. Nice. signed by author hardback new $24.95 Understanding the Creation.   loveteach4kids  01/23
Queen Home School bible study -- $13 ppd. Nice. Preparing for Spiritual leadership.   dands  01/11
Queen HomeSchool - An Excellent Spirit -- $14 ppd. New. Bible Study Young Adults ages 10 and up in shrink wrap.   loveteach4kids  02/11
Queen HomeSchool - Standard of Modesty -- $12 ppd. Nice. no writing, no missing pages, min shelf wear.   loveteach4kids  02/07
Queen HomeSchool - Standard of Purity -- $12 ppd. Nice. Bible-Based study for young adults early ed comb binding no wri.   loveteach4kids  02/11
Queen The Standard of Purity , Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd. New. workbook - 40 lesson Bible study for youth. .   lakilfian  02/08
Radical Together by David Platt, pb, Grs. 6-12 -- $7 ppd. Good. slightly rippled pgs, but clean and tight. NYT best-sell auth.   ISBN 9781601423726   susie_r  02/05
Ragamuffin Gospel , Grs. 9-12 -- $7 ppd. Nice. Brennan Manning- all about grace.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Raising a Modern Day Knight -- $7 ppd. Nice. by R Lewis, pb, Father's role in raising a son.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Raising Real Men -- $9 ppd. Nice. paperback, looks new, by the Youngs, .   kurriculumkorner  01/28
Reaching the Heart of Your Teen, Grs. K-12 -- $20 ppd. Good. Growing Families Intl, cassettes, c96, no writing.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Readings in Christian Thought, 2nd ed -- $5. Good. Distinct in its engaging style that includes humor & popular.   ISBN 0687355478   [more] barbara_in_nh  02/13
Refuting Evolution - Master Books -- $7 ppd. Nice. by Sarfati foreword by Ham no writing, min wear c99 5th printin.   loveteach4kids  01/30
Remembering God's Awesome Acts -- $19 ppd. New.   [more] better  01/15
Remembering God's Awesome Acts Set, Grs. K-12 -- $23 ppd. Nice. teacher manual & wkbk, nothing missing, Bible & History, gr5-9.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Rod and Staff 2 Bks:Ye Fathers; Young Man, Be Strong, Grs. K-12 -- $12 ppd. Nice. 1 bk abt how to be a father; other bk abt how to be a good son.   shulammite  02/16
Rod and Staff Bible 5: God Chooses a Family TM, Gr. 5 -- $12 ppd. Nice. Teacher's Manual (The Story of God's Chosen Family Series).   ISBN 9780739904220   bookbliss  02/05
Rod and Staff Bible Stories To Read, Grs. K-5 -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, no writing, c89, .   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Rod and Staff Bible Teacher's Manual -- $8 ppd. Nice. Grade 7 OR Grade 8 - minima wear no writing price is ea current.   loveteach4kids  01/23
Rod and Staff Dear Princess - A Book for Girls -- $8 ppd. Nice. hardback name on leaflet page minor wear no writing.   loveteach4kids  01/23
Rod and Staff God Gives the Law Set of three, Gr. 4 -- $12 ppd. New. minor wear, teachers manual & 2 unused student workbooks.   loveteach4kids  02/11
Rod and Staff God Leads His People, Gr. 3 -- $25 ppd.
      Good. TE pb and 2 student HC, tape on cover and stain on top of book.  
      [more] joycorner  02/01
Rod and Staff God Leads His People Teacher Manual, Gr. 3 -- $5 ppd. Nice. No writing. Book in great condition. .   jesusourking10  01/31
Rod and Staff Hardback for Girls -- $45 ppd. Nice. Year of Growth, The Price of Peace, The Anguish of Love, .   [more] dands  01/11
Rod and Staff Little Jewel Books Set of 3 -- $9 ppd. New.   [more] kshomeschool  01/18
Rod and Staff Missing Popcorn & Other Stories, The -- $9 ppd. Good. by Grandmother Lois.   natalieinindiana  01/29
Rules for Young Friends , Grs. K-5 -- $7 ppd. Nice. coloring bk curriculum, no coloring, by the Harris'.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Scattering Sunshine -- $5. New. PB, Christian Light Pub, character building stories.   ISBN 0878135650   kshomeschool  01/18
Science & the Bible: 30 Scientific -- $3. New. Demonstrations Illustrating Scriptural Truths. 110 p pb.   ISBN 0801030234   luke15:10  02/02
Searching For Treasure , Grs. K-12 -- $8 ppd. New. 20 weeks of bible lessons, game, memory verse cards.   icjesusnu  02/01
Seasonal Pageants and Skits w/songs, Grs. K-8 -- $10 ppd. Nice. great resource for ideas. Pb, very good condition; by NexGen. .   susie_r  02/05
Sermon Notes- Get Them Talking , Grs. 6-12 -- $5 ppd. Nice. By Banning, Listening during Sermons-a how to!.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Simply Charlotte Mason - Life in the -- $10 ppd. New. Word by Shafer c2010 ISBN 9781616340889 grade 7-12.   loveteach4kids  02/11
Sing the word CDs , Grs. K-8 -- $12 ppd. Good. Great in counsel, The heavens declare, God our provider.   jessiquinha  01/11
Sonlight Learning About God from A to Z, Grs. K-5 -- $8 ppd. Good. writing pg 18-19, rest clean and unused.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Sow the Word...Harvest Character -- $4. New. 224 p pb The Good Shepherd Almanac - Year of Devotions.   ISBN 0784707669   luke15:10  01/30
Sowers Series- Geo Washington Carver, Grs. K-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, by Collins. no marks.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Sowers Series- Johnny Appleseed, Grs. K-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, by Collins. no marks.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Sowers Series- Mahalia Jackson , Grs. K-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, by Witter, no marks.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Sowers Series- Teresa of Calcutta, Grs. K-12 -- $6 ppd. Nice. pb, by Watson, no marks.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith..., Grs. K-5 -- $4 ppd. Good. Joyce Herzog, Collection of Family devotions.   ISBN 9781882514168   gr8hsbooks  01/29
Stepping Stones to Praise and Worship, Grs. K-8 -- $11 ppd. Nice. By Herzog, devotions, no writing, no wear.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Stepping Stones-Bigger Faith , Grs. K-5 -- $9 ppd. Nice. for Little People. devotions, pb, by Herzog.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Stick figuring through the bible, Grs. K-5 -- $18 ppd. Nice. Old Testament Overview Grapevine studies ages 5-7.   ajfetzer  02/11
Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart:, Grs. 6-12 -- $3. New. How to Know for Sure You Are Saved. 128 p hb New. .   ISBN 9781433679216   luke15:10  02/02
Stories of the Reformation in Germany -- $15 ppd. New. and England for Young People. Like new. HC, Sprinkle Publ. .   ISBN 1594421250   mamasheep  01/30
Strong's Exhaustive COncordance of the, Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Bible. Essential Bible study tool! previous ed. .   northland_homeschool  01/27
Sword Study on I John , Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Family centered Bibile Study on I John, for each age level.   ISBN 9781939966001   dangler  02/14
Taking the Old Testament Challenge, Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd.
      New.   ISBN 9780310249139  
      [more] limkefamily91  01/24
Teaching Younger Children Everything -- $6. Nice. they need to know about The Bible & Their Christian Heritage-2.   [more] barbara_in_nh  02/13
Teaching Your Children Values -- $3. Nice. Helping your children develop values such as honesty, self-.   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/28
Teknon & the Champion Warriors , Grs. K-12 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Mission Guide-Son, by Sapp-Courageous Manhood Bible study.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Teknon and the Champion Warriors Novel, Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Water spilled on title page- rest fine, by Sapp, .   kurriculumkorner  02/12
The ABC's of Handling Money God's Way, Grs. K-5 -- $13 ppd. Nice. set of 2- teacher ed& student, no writing, by Dayton, age 5-7.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
The Answers Book for Kids Vol. 4, Grs. K-8 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Light wear, By Ken Ham, Master Books.   jezzxlou  02/07
The Awesome Book of Bible Facts, Grs. K-5 -- $10 ppd. Nice. by Silverthorne, hb, no writing, minimal wear.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
The Beauty Book: It's a God Thing! -- $4 ppd. Nice. Zonderkidz c2000, girls 8-12, fun with questions & activities.   ISBN 0310700140   yelsel  01/04
The Bible as History by Werner Keller -- $3. Good. 515 p pb. c1974 Some page tanning & some underlining, but nice. .   luke15:10  01/30
The Book of Virtues: A Treasury... -- $12 ppd. New. by William J. Bennett, paperback, morals & character training.   ISBN 0684835770   micjib  02/10
The Child's Story Bible , Grs. K-5 -- $16 ppd. Nice. by Vos, hb, no writing, looks unused.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
The Child's Story Bible Old & New Test -- $18 ppd. Good. 3 volume softcover set. Catherine Vos. Banner of Truth Trust. .   ISBN 9780851512501   davidjoy  12/31
The Childís Story Bible -- $15 ppd. Nice.   ISBN 9780802850119   jgq2010  02/01
The Children of Ishmael , Grs. 6-12 -- $7 ppd. Nice. pb, testimonies from Muslims turning to Christ. .   ISBN 9780979492914   bnbacademy  01/27
The Children's Book of Faith -- $5. Nice. A wonderful inspirational treasury of beloved prayers, stories, .   [more] barbara_in_nh  02/13
The Christian Adventure , Grs. 9-12 -- $15 ppd. New. A Bible study from Pilgrim's Progress; .   [more] stacyfountain  01/29
The Christian's Career Journey, Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Biblical perspectives on careers& job search, pb, minimal wear.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
The Creation (nice story picture book), Grs. K-5 -- $4. Nice. 28 p hb, with text from the Jerusalem Bible. No writing/damage.   luke15:10  01/30
The Five Love Languages of Children -- $9 ppd. New. cds unabridged new and sealed.   dands  01/11
The Gospel Story of Jesus (Lutheran Ch -- $3. Nice. 224 p hb by LCA 1964 No writing-stamped inside by prev owner.   luke15:10  01/30
The Heavens Declare CD -- $5 ppd. Nice. Scripture songs by the Harrow Family, used in Sonlight.   hishelpmeet  02/15
The Illustrated Bible Genesis -- $2. Nice. PB, minor shelf wear to spine, good used condition.   kshomeschool  01/18
The Inner Man w/Spiritual Leadership, Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
The Jefferson Bible byThomas Jefferson -- $10. New. 171 p hb w dj. Lknew The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.   ISBN 0807077143   luke15:10  01/30
The Leader in Me Level 6 , Gr. 6 -- $10 ppd. New. Activity Guide and Teacherís Edition.   ISBN 9781936111268   dicksons7  01/16
The Legend of the Three Trees: The..., Grs. K-5 -- $3. Nice. Classic Story of Following Your Dreams 41 p hb.   ISBN 0849975956   luke15:10  01/30
The Life of Christ: The Gospel of John, Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
The Life of Christ: The Gospel of John, Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
The Life of Christ: The Gospel of John, Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. New. Published by Positive Action Bible Curriculum.   stacyfountain  01/29
The Life of Grace, Gr. 7 , Grs. 6-8 -- $32 ppd. New. Teacher's Manual, Faith in Life Series, Useful book, I paid $50.   ISBN 9781586175856   marylovestoteach  01/09
The Little Book of Holy Gratitude, Grs. 6-12 -- $10 ppd. New. By Fr. Frederick Faber; www. SophiaInstitute. com.   ISBN 9781622823437   topnotchbooks  01/31
The Little Golden Bible Storybook, Pre-K -- $6 ppd. Nice. hardback, like new, 32 pages, picture upon request.   tickledpink  12/22
The Living Bible Story Book -- $3. Nice. hb bk no writing except inscription. Nice condition-nearly new.   ISBN 0842323074   luke15:10  01/30
The Man You Could Be by Paul Downey -- $5. New. 102 p pb BJU Journey Forth young adult Bible study - New.   ISBN 9781591667599   luke15:10  01/30
The Miracle Maker for ages 4 and up, Grs. K-8 -- $5 ppd. Good. Stunning photos from 3-D animated movie of same name, pb.   ISBN 9780800757670   [more] susie_r  02/05
The Most important thing you'll ever s -- $4 ppd. Nice. Survey of the OT. Vol 2. c2010 no writing. .   redeberly  01/16
The Most important thing... -- $8 ppd. Nice. Vol 3& 4 Survey of the Bible, NT. C2010. No writing.   redeberly  01/16
The Old Testament- Get Them Talking, Grs. 6-12 -- $8 ppd. Good. Bks 1, 2& 3-pencil erasures pgs 1-8 bk 1, by D Banning.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
The One Year Book of Devotions for Kid -- $4. Good. #2. Includes keys for kids 365 character building principles. .   [more] barbara_in_nh  01/28
The One Year Devotions for Kids -- $9 ppd. Nice. Book 2, ''keys for kids'', 365 character-building principles.   5woodsga  02/04
The Peacemaker by Ken Sande -- $13 ppd. Nice. c2004.   ISBN 9780801064852   myhalfpints  01/18
The Practice of the Presence of God -- $3. Nice. 112 p pb by Brother Lawrence. Simple wisdom of man who knew God.   ISBN 9780800785994   luke15:10  01/30
The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson -- $2. Good. 93 p sm hb. A few marks on a couple of pages but otherwise nice.   ISBN 1576737330   luke15:10  01/30
The Prince's Poison Cup by R C Sproul -- $14 ppd. New. illustrated allegorical tale of Jesus' atonement.   ISBN 9781567691047   jgmck  01/26
The Prodigal Son Golden Book hardback, Grs. K-5 -- $3. New. 28 p hb Retelling of Bible Story in Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 Like New.   ISBN 0307116239   luke15:10  01/30
The Purpose Driven Church , Grs. 6-12 -- $8 ppd. Nice. Growth Without Compromising Your Message & Mission, c1995.   ISBN 9780310294085   wasmybookshelf  02/12
The Purpose Driven Life Kid Devotional -- $10 ppd. New. Never used. Does have writing on the 'presented to' page. .   biblethumper815  02/13
The Story Book: Character Building... -- $4. Nice. Stories for Children by Arthur S Maxwell. 94 p pb No writing.   ISBN 0828005397   luke15:10  01/30
The Story of Saint Augustine DVD -- $12 ppd. Nice. Animated version by Catholic Heroes of the Faith.   cmassoth  02/08
The Story of the Creation by Jane Ray, Grs. K-5 -- $3. Nice. 24 p hb Words from Genesis with colorful illustrations.   luke15:10  01/30
The Story Teen Edition -- $1. Nice.   ISBN 9780310722809   breben0916  02/16
The Ten Commandments: I Obey God, Grs. K-8 -- $3. Nice. 32 p pb by Rev. Lawrence G Lovasik. Reprint of 1978 book.   ISBN 089942287X   luke15:10  01/30
The Three Weavers -- $10 ppd. New. Lamplighter Publishing, h/c, beautiful story and book. .   ISBN 1584740213   mamasheep  01/30
The Treasure Hunters: 8 Session -- $12 ppd. New. Children's Program Discovering God's Treasures; Ages 3-12.   ISBN 9781888685251   topnotchbooks  01/31
The Unlikely Disciple - book -- $8 ppd. Nice. by Kevin Roose; A sinner's semester at America's holiest univ. .   ISBN 9780446178426   lginco  02/13
Then Sings My Soul -- $5. Nice.   adriennep.  02/03
There's A Sheep in My Bathtub -- $11 ppd. Nice. by Hogan, pb, Mongolian Church Planting, used in Sonlight.   kurriculumkorner  01/28
Thinking Like a Christian -- $10 ppd. New. Teaching textbook, includes leader's guide CD with lesson plans.   ISBN 9780805438956   lfoote  01/17
Thinking Like a Christian -- $10 ppd. Nice. text with cd; very nice.   blessings52  01/31
Thinking Like a Christian by Noebel/Ed -- $50 ppd. New. 5 student texts. 1 TM with CD. New. Can sell separately. .   kportsc  01/11
Thinking Like a Christian Set -- $30 ppd. New. DVD, Student Journal, & Teaching Text w/ CD-rom.   homeisbestwa  02/09
Thomas Jefferson Education home compan -- $13 ppd. Good.   dands  01/11
Thomas Merton: The New Man -- $4. Nice. 141 p pb The illuminating meditations by a Trappist Monk.   luke15:10  01/30
Tippy Towers & Boo Blankets , Pre-K -- $8 ppd. Nice. Bible Play for tiny tots, 100 easy games, sorted by ages.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Tom Watkins' Mistake / Schmid's Tales, Grs. K-12 -- $23 ppd. New. 2 Lamplighter Rare Collector books; great read-alouds. .   5bookworms  01/12
Tomie D Paola- Book of Bible Stories, Grs. K-5 -- $7 ppd. Nice. hb, minor cover wear, no writing, colorful.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Topical (Bible) Memory System -- $18 ppd. New. 8 translations, 60 verses, workbook, and more. .   biblethumper815  02/13
Torchlighters Heroes of Faith DVD set, Grs. K-5 -- $30 ppd.
      Nice. Excellent series that include study guides on disc.  
      [more] susang  02/13
Trail Guide to Bible Geography Teacher, Grs. K-12 -- $11 ppd. Nice. out of print, no writing, also have map book if needed.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Train Up a Child ''Choosing'' misc books, Grs. K-5 -- $5 ppd. New. For sale (Price is per book purchased): Choosing Responsibility.   [more] topnotchbooks  01/31
Trusty Gets Off Track - Lamplighter -- $9 ppd. Good. By Debbie Hamby (Mark). Turn back now! Come to Papa Engneer!.   [more] natalieinindiana  01/29
Turning a Father's Heart (Bible Study) -- $7. New. Men's Bible Study for Post Abortion Syndrome. 107 p pb workbook.   luke15:10  01/30
Ultimate Guide to Being Christian in -- $7 ppd. Nice. College by Jeff Baxter no writing sm crease on corner.   ISBN 9780310732235   loveteach4kids  02/11
Uncle Jim's Jungle Stories -- $7 ppd. Nice. by and read by James R. Cook -adventures of missionary kid.   ISBN 9781929862863   ahaug  12/28
Understanding Scripture -- $9 ppd. Good. overview of origins/meaning/reliability, pb, some underlining.   kurriculumkorner  01/28
Understanding the Faith -- $20 ppd. Nice. By Jeff Myers part of Understanding the Times series. Like new. .   carrief  02/07
Understanding the Times HB textbook, Grs. 9-12 -- $20 ppd. Nice. from Summit Ministries by Jeff Myers & David A Noebel.   ISBN 9781434709585   gkmom21  01/07
Veritas Press Acts Through Revelation Bible Cards -- $18 ppd. New. in shrink wrap, complete set.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Veritas Press Bible Cards Genesis Through Joshua -- $12 ppd. New. new in package set #1.   ISBN 9781930710801   susie_r  02/05
Veritas Press Genesis through Joshua Bible Cards -- $15 ppd. New.   mjlee  01/30
Veritas Press Genesis Through Joshua Set -- $25 ppd. Nice. Teacher's Manual, new cards, memory song cassette; no writing. .   ISBN 9781930710900   susie_r  02/05
Veritas Press Genesis Through Joshua Teacher's Man., Grs. K-5 -- $20 ppd. Nice. c2001.   ISBN 9781930710900   mommabaird  12/28
Veritas Press Old Testament & Ancient Egypt, Grs. K-12 -- $16 ppd. Nice. Teacher Manual, pb, no writing, a few highlights, c04.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
Veritas Press Old Testament & Ancient Egypt -- $12 ppd. Good. TE and songs cassette; a few neat highlights & notes, loose pgs.   ISBN 9781930710153   susie_r  02/05
Veritas Press Old Testament and Ancient Egypt, Grs. K-5 -- $9 ppd. Good. Complete Book, project pgs. 1-2 colored.   txmom4him  01/22
Victor Journey through the Bible, Grs. 6-12 -- $13 ppd. Nice. Provides historical & cultural info on Bible stories. Like new!.   ISBN 156476480X   4forhim  01/18
Vine's Concise Dictionary of the Bible -- $10 ppd. New. Keyed to Strong's Concordance Reference #s; Org. alphabetically.   ISBN 9781418501518   cjmamato7  01/18
What Does the Bible Say About That? -- $5 ppd. Nice. Crossway c2009, ages 8-12, 300 topics in simple, fun format.   ISBN 9781433502132   yelsel  01/04
What Every Child Should Knw Along Way, Grs. K-5 -- $15 ppd. Nice. minor shelf wear, no writing, by Gail Martin.   kurriculumkorner  02/12
What the Bible is All About -- $10 ppd. New.   ISBN 9780830759439   jgq2010  02/01
What Your Child Needs to Know When, Grs. K-8 -- $15 ppd. Nice.   stiner8  01/28
Who's Who & Where's Where in the Bible -- $10 ppd. Nice. 8-12 year olds will enjoy fun writing, pics. 2 available, pr ea.   ISBN 9781597892278   susie_r  02/05
Wiersbe Bible Study Series -- $8 ppd. New. 1& 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon (I have 8 copies for $8 each).   ISBN 9781434765109   kozkrew  02/11
Will Our Generation Speak , Grs. 6-12 -- $20 ppd. Nice. Book and Study Guide. Great Condition. Grace Mally. No markings.   ISBN 9780971940581   ajbachman  01/06
Wisdom An Internet Linked Unit Study -- $11 ppd. Nice. by Robin Sampson like new no writing actual book form.   ISBN 0970181663   loveteach4kids  02/07
Wisdom and the Millers , Grs. K-5 -- $6 ppd. Good. book and soft cover workbook (4 pages written in pencil).   ISBN 0962764353   2busy2c  01/15
Wisdom and the Millers-reader & wkbook, Grs. K-5 -- $12 ppd. Nice. Proverbs for Children.   ISBN 9780962764356   gr8hsbooks  01/29
Writings of Rev. C. I. Scofield, Grs. 9-12 -- $4 ppd. Good. No Room in the Inn and Other Interpretations; owner's name only.   susie_r  02/05
You're a Brave Man, Daniel!: Dan. 1-6, Grs. K-12 -- $10 ppd. New. Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids!.   ISBN 9780736901475   [more] topnotchbooks  01/31
Young Christian's Intro to the Bible -- $6 ppd. Nice. Introduces Bible basics to young believers by Charles C. Ryrie.   dnkmiller  01/19
Your Body His Temple - 8 DVD set -- $25. New. Life Outreach International. God's Plan for Emotional Wholeness.   luke15:10  01/30
Your Story Hour Bible Comes Alive CDs, Grs. K-8 -- $37 ppd.
      New. 5 different audio CD albums to choose from, each has 12 CDs. .  
      [more] myhomeschooldelights  01/29
Your Story Hour Exciting Events CD Set, Grs. K-8 -- $17 ppd.
      New. Each set has 3 CDs. There are 8 sets to chose from. .  
      [more] myhomeschooldelights  01/29
Your Story Hour--Heritage ofOur Country#6, Grs. K-12 -- $10. Nice. 12 cassettes in case; 2 stories/cassette; Am. history; enjoyable! $10.   recyclingmom  02/06
Zipporah, Wife of Moses by Mark Halter -- $3.
      Nice. 280 p pb with Reader Guide & Discussion Question sections.   ISBN 1400052807  
      luke15:10  01/30

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